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AUF zur Demo nach München! Gegen Polizeigewalt und Repression!
28. Juni 13:12Uhr / Treffpunkt: Polizeipräsidium Ettstraße /
ZUGTREFFPUNKT Ingolstadt: 11:00Uhr Hbf Ingolstadt,Haupteingang


Interview zu Brasilien
Zur aktuellen Situation in Brasilien haben wir ein Interview mit einem Bekannten unserer Gruppe geführt der dort lebt. Um ihn nicht zu gefährden nenne wir auf seinen eigenen Wunsch hin nicht seinen Namen , auch nicht den seiner Heimatstadt und auch nicht den Namen der Gruppierung in der er aktiv ist.

Hallo! Schön das du die Zeit findest!
Wie ist die Situation allgemein zur zeit bei euch in Brasilien?

Hallo! Here in Brazil, there are always fights for housing, better working
and life conditions. Specifically at the moment, there are strikes of many
workers categories in public services (education, healthcare system,
transportation system). One of the most notable protests now is the metro
system workers strike in São Paulo (the biggest Brazilian city).

Ist in deiner Heimatstadt etwas von der allgemeinen Unruhe spürbar?

In all the cities where there will be the World Cup matches, there will be
also demonstrations against it. Here in the city where I am, a big
demonstration against homophobia is being planned, as four countries that
will play here criminalize homosexual acts.
Apart from the World Cup, we are now facing the possibility of privatizing
a big public hospital in the city and we are protesting against this.

Warum gegen die WM?

In my opinion, the problem is that, due to private interests (of FIFA,
sponsors and their partners), there are many rights violations happening
in Brazil. Many exceptions are being done to the legislation (about the
use of public resources, work rights, right to come and go and other human
rights). Thousands of people have been removed from their places to give
room for huge commercial ventures, parking lots and stadiums. Ten people
died working on the buildings for the World Cup. And the event is also
being used as pretext for even more repression to social movements.
This website has more detailed information about this:

Welche Vorteile sollte die WM der Brasilianischen Bevölkerung bringen?

Well, its true that it is one of few moments of leisure and entertaiment
for many people, mainly for the poorest ones, which can watch the games by
TV or in public places. The days in which there will be Brazil matches are
going to be considered holidays in many cities. However, this is also used
as panem et circenses to make the population feel happy and forget about
the fights.
Some of the infrastructure improvements, such as highways and
transportation system, will remain as benefits, however much less than
expected (mainly in restricted places between airports and stadiums), and
nobody knows how will be the maintenance.

In wie weit ist Repression für euch spürbar?

It is visible in the streets of the city that the amount of troops of
police is much greater than the usual. In all the country, many soldiers
have been trained specifically for this, and even the army will be making
the security of the events. It’s also clear that they will make all they
can to prevent protests and demonstrations.
In the last actions, many people have been arrested and the police
repressed the movements with violence. Members of leftist organizations
were persecuted and their headquarters have been invaded.

Wie wird Opfern von Repression geholfen?

There are groups of activist lawyers that help with legal matters and also
people that are always recording all the actions (and streaming in real
time) to avoid false accusations. We are usually prepared for some
problems that can happen, such as tear gas. When it’s necessary, people
also raise money for bail.
From outside, I think it is possible to help by publicizing this
repression and manifestating support.

Eure Parole war: „Es wird keine WM geben!“.
Der Start der WM ist abzusehen , wie können wir uns euer weiteres Vorgehen
vorstellen? Was habt ihr in den nächsten Wochen geplant?

This slogan is more like symbolic. Of course it would be perfect if we
could have prevented the happening of the World Cup, however the movement
has not such a power and has even been weakened because of the patriotism
and passion for soccer that the media encourages all the time.
Although, I think that the visibility of this movement has reached a good
level. The government and the media have got afraid, at least a little,
that the World Cup could not happen. And the population, in general, has
got more conscious about the mentioned problems of the World Cup.
As I said before, there will be protests in many cities, during the days
of matches. I don‘t know how much will your hear about them, how much will
be repressed. I also think that some people are afraid of joining the
protests due to the repression that is being promised.
At the moment, it’s not possible to predict. We will see how everything
will happen.

Danke für das Gespräch , wir wünschen euch viel Kraft und Mut
für die nächsten Wochen!

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